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The Power of Intention

an homage to Wayne Dyer

by Nowick Gray

Into the Positive Vibe

Wayne Dyer proposes finding higher purpose in one’s unique, natural expression of intention, carried out in service and gratitude. These positives also call pain into the equation, as we assist those in need and are humbly grateful when fortunes are good. With all that said, the bounty is ours, while we live:

1. Receptivity
    2. Love
    3. Creativity
    4. Kindness
    5. Beauty
6. Expansion
7. Unlimited Abundance

The reason these are all-so-positive, is that they are either the selected best attributes of human being (2, 3, 4, 5), or they are universal principles (1, 6, 7) untainted by our human frailty and failings - even as we partake of such qualities in our essence, our origin, our destination ... blinking like so many wave-suns back into the running tide.

To dwell in the realms of love, creativity, kindness and beauty, we are inspired by our own universal traits of receptivity, expansion, and unlimited abundance. In support of and supported by such awarenesses, we are called by Wayne Dyer to be “authentic and peaceful” in the focus of our thoughts. “Authentic and peaceful” implies the recognition and humble acceptance of suffering, of failure, of loss, of pain. That is not to say, however, that we should curl up in that pain, in a posture of self-protection and mourning, much beyond the initial infliction. The natural process of grieving and healing runs its course in the short term and brings us back to the threshold of life and renewal again, where we rediscover joy and expression. In the process we are both more authentic and grounded than before. And we find ourselves in a state of temperance and reflection, humility and revelation, elevated from previous states of fear and regret. We can now appreciate greater truths ...

There is time and energy in the universe in abundance.

In the forest, tree snags stand like statues of the coming apocalypse. The ground before me may appear stone and cold gravel; yet all around, there persists luxuriant green life, sunny birdsong out of the gloom.

I walk inside these old deep woods toward new springs.

Love fills the self from the inside, expanding self to hold others, and all.

In a perfect bliss of sun and swimming, with nature pure and filled with beauty all around me, I represent but ...

a drop in the ocean of bloodlust
a drop in the ocean of forgiveness
a drop in the ocean of false promises
a drop in the ocean of kindness
a drop in the ocean of heartbreaks
a drop in the ocean of destiny
a drop in the ocean of gratitude

I have gifts and I am strong enough now to bear them alone, on the way to meet my lover.

Moth on dandelion blossom:
black and white papery wings
clinging, in expert design
vibrating beauty in a shimmering breeze

Authentic and Peaceful

Wayne Dyer writes that in all our relationships we can improve matters simply by being authentic and peaceful.

Being authentic and peaceful applies in the attitude to choice, as it does in the sphere of relationship. All life for us is a matter of relationship, not just with other humans but with our surroundings, our inner workings, our chemical constituency and energetic fields. So these qualities of expression and impression can color our whole experience – not just in black/white shades of yin/yang, but in all colors of the rainbow and sketches of gray.

Go or stay?

The choice is irrelevant to the attitude of constancy implied by peaceful, while at the same time a new motion will be followed like a wave of authenticity passing through. Authentic is also an apt description for staying put: having an inertial quality in either case, to be the leaf or the rock or indeed the river itself. And peaceful, to get back to our true friend Gandhi, can apply equally to one’s attitude of energetic expression, and to the state of restful contentment.

In truth, as going and staying are two faces of the same attitude, authentic and peaceful describe our true essence in its dual nature, a nature not divided but two-sided, X and Y, male and female, animus and anima, yes even animal. These apparently very humanistic qualities, authentic and peaceful, in fact portray the very face of Nature.

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