--by John A. Broussard


Franz and Hilda Mueller, quietly proud of their son who had given his life for his country, huddled close to the radio. Since one of the tubes was failing, it was difficult to follow what was being said. Franz wasn't sure where he could get a replacement now that so much of everything had been mobilized for the war effort. The speaker crackled. The listeners leaned even more closely to hear the announcer.

This morning we are honored to have Minister Joseph Goebbels, of the Reich Ministry for People's Enlightenment, report to the German nation about our splendid victory over the French warmongers who were threatening our very existence:

Greetings to the German people. It is now over a month since Our Leader announced that our victorious forces marched through the streets of Paris in a rapid and virtually bloodless conquest. The war against this implacable enemy of the German people is behind us. Crowds of well-wishers greeted our motorized units as they drove through the city, festooning them with flowers and thanking us for freeing them from their oppressors.

Though all major military combat operations are at an end, pockets of resistance and acts of sabotage-undoubtedly financed and supported by foreign influences-continue, but our brave German soldiers are swiftly eradicating them. Our commanders in the field have informed us that foreign fighters are being actively recruited by loyalists to the fallen government to join the resistance against the occupation forces, and thus posing a new challenge to our efforts to stabilize the country. We now have reliable information that members of the underground Jewish network that was responsible for the burning of the Reichstag are behind these cowardly ambushes on our forces.

While remnants and dangerous pockets of the old regime remaining loyal to the ousted government are trying to kill and intimidate German soldiers-who are bravely facing a continuing risk of danger and sacrifice in the countryside-our military is acting decisively against these threats. They have killed many so-called partisans during the past two days, in battles against an increasingly sophisticated local resistance.
This futile resistance to our vast military power, however, is forcing upon us a fundamental reassessment of the situation in terms of political and military stability. But, let none of our enemies be mistaken, we intend to eradicate these party loyalists, paramilitary groups and other subversive elements engaging in acts of terror.

The German offensive, consisting of sweeps north and west of the capital, began on Thursday night with an intense air strike to destroy what local commanders have described as "a terrorist training camp." Paratroopers from the 101st Storm Trooper division, as well as 3rd Panzer corps soldiers then poured in to clear out the remaining fighters, killing 97 of them. There is no question but that foreign recruits used the camp, since our forces found extensive caches of guns and ammunition as well as documents indicating their plans for further terrorist acts.

What now remains are only loose-knit groups of loyalists to the discredited regime who have been responsible for growing sniper and other attacks in recent weeks. These are little more than madmen who wish to engage in violence.
Our brave soldiers feel that continuing sweeps against these foreign elements are a worthwhile effort on our part, something that reflects the German spirit. They recognize the difficulty of the task, and the almost daily killing of our brave soldiers is not interfering with military efforts to restore security and normal life to that country.

This is not guerrilla warfare. It is not close to guerrilla warfare, because it's not coordinated, it's not organized and it's not led. Only a handful of terrorists are involved in these attacks on German troops. In some cases these mercenaries are actually being paid to kill our soldiers. A reliable source in the fields has reported "They have put a bounty on shooting and trying to kill German soldiers, but their efforts are militarily insignificant, and we are making good progress in eliminating these treacherous creatures."

These people are the last remnants of a dying cause, since our forces of liberation have the sympathy of the entire population.

While the deaths of German troops generate a deep sorrow, the German people know the sacrifices are worthwhile in order to bring about a New World Order led by our great Leader.
Heil Hitler!

Franz and Hilda Mueller stood, faced the photograph of their dead son on the radio, raised their right hands high and shouted, "Heil Hitler."

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