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Compilation Albums by Strange Moon:

Strange Yoga | Strange Funk

Axel on keys, with E. Neptune and Triamigos:

All Night Blues


Strange Yoga - Strange Moon

Strange Yoga offers moods of tantric groove and soul exploration - some mellow, some upbeat - to enhance yoga practice, meditation, trance dance or even, the yoga of washing dishes. Jogging, sailing, journeying, flying ... dream with Strange Moon on nine journeys of shared spirit. Strange Moon is E. Neptune, Nowick, Axel and Bernie, with Elena joining on vocals ("Dawn," "Call Me In," "Moonrise").

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1. Dawn (5:23) - Reunion
2. Bubbles Rising (9:18) - Pink Bubbles
3. Call Me In (15:10) - Reunion
4. Homecooking (12:47) - The Zonics Do the Junebug Procession
5. Transcendental Wood (8:11) - Easter Jam
6. Magick (9:39) - In the Land of the Cuckoo Tribe
7. Moonrise (6:56) - Moonrise
8. Ufology (6:02) - Pink Bubbles
9. Downward Dog (2:58) - Pink Bubbles

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