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by Rick Zammuto

Science has come to understand that clearcut logging old-growth forests, rainforests, or boreal forests can now be considered an endeavor that will lead to human suicide because forests eat carbon dioxide and function to stabilize our growing ozone holes. Ultraviolet radiation burns genes of all life and violent weather patterns from global warming and ozone holes can make earth uninhabitable. Global warming and holes in our atmosphere indicate human life support systems are being destroyed at levels unknown to human history. Healthy, natural, standing forests are the only known entities that can turn these debilitating problems around. Every tree that is cut puts another nail in the coffin and those who claim to need to log are simply committing suicide for themselves and murder of everybody else. We need to find alternatives to wood, outlaw the destruction of forests, and find other ways for people to live wherever they claim to depend on an activity that can destroy all life on earth. Humans are mammals; all mammals that did not have long term views of their environment and resource-use have become extinct. Mammals seldom destroy their environment to live. On the opposite extreme, insects usually have short term views of their environment and resource-use. They commonly eat-up their resources faster than the resources are produced and thus destroy their environment and their ability to survive. Thus, the forest industry and all its members are mammals that have regressed to thinking and acting like insects instead of mammals or humans. Magnificent old growth forests which stabilize earth's climate, recycle nutrients, create soil, absorb carbon dioxide, and nourish biodiversity, are being stripped of their biodiversity, soils, and important functions. Old- growth forests are replaced with fake forests called plantations where erosion, monocultures, piles of waste, altered climates, the loss of life-giving clean water, silted fish eggs, invasions of non-native "weedy" species (such as plantain and cowbirds), and loss of life cycles become characteristics of the fake forest. Wildlife's non-use of clearcuts and plantations should have proven to humans that clearcuts are violations of life itself, yet the insect mentality of foresters, petty local politicians, governments, and Wall Street ignore the implications. It is amazing that the forest industry has been able to play on people's fears to propagate the false myth that there is a wilderness versus jobs problem in Canada. The issue is clearly one of self-centered egotistical interests of insect-thinking (sub)humans who think money is more important than life versus considerable human knowledge to the contrary. Many people in Canada and in other countries survive and prosper without logging. We must use the knowledge we have to find alternatives to industries that require us to kill ourselves to live. The so-called educated and rich country of Canada does not use the knowledge it pretends to hold dear and the result is a disaster.

by Rick Zammuto -- ( is an active member of the British Columbia Green Party, and an ecological scientist. Currently he offers a wide range of environmental consulting services.

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