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Getting to 2012

Notes Toward the End of Time

... starting from the place where we are, with the Internet becoming the all-present mind of universally held knowledge that we all dreamed of ... the Aquarian side of the Bilderberg global unity project.

Today if I need a reference to a John Donne poem, it’s there at hand -- even if I’m accessing the global brain via my cell phone on a Cook Islands atoll. Talk about “gold to airy thinness beat”!

Meanwhile we guppies on the front lines of the anti-battle and pro-music fringe partake of a certain transparency in all relations, so that even smoke is not filtered out. On the flip side, if you’re a bad guy you don’t care if you have a bad rap, since it only makes you a badder boss to fear ...

So we go coasting into 2012, five full years and counting down, with new resolutions giving way to new openings of understanding and possibility. If it’s a matter of intending rather than intending not, then that intending still must be of further opening. The gate is in clear view now, at the swirling bottom of the funnel of time, and as we drift over the Galactic Center seeing our fate go down in the water, we appreciate our impending rush to the freefall, the waterfall on the other side that continues to disperse forever ... or rides like a homecoming wave, depending on your state in the moment.

Here’s what mythic astrologer Dan Furst has to say on the archetypal forces of this unique era:

We are in the presence of the unknown here, and it joins a whole queue of financial, political, social, environmental and cultural unknowns as we get ready to enter a new year that tests our ability to move gracefully through unfamiliar territory, and also to see that this strange terrain is a mirror of unknown energies and capacities that it is time to face and handle in ourselves. M. Kelley Hunter contributes this tremendous passage from Joseph Needleman about being "suspended between dreams" at a moment of new awakening: "There is nothing to guarantee that we will be able to remain long enough or deeply enough in front of the unknown, a psychological state which the great traditional paths have always recognized as sacred ... The real question of the moment between dreams is whether we can bear the vibration of this new feeling of the unknown which carries with it the taste of a different quality of intelligence, but which at the same time utterly exposes all our illusions about ourselves. We awaken to darkness ... “Do I fear the darkness more than I love the awakening?"
It may help to talk a bit to that Wanderer when we meet him on the road. As Woden's Harrow reminds us, Odin -- and Saturn, Hermes, Thoth and others like them -- have long been known to appear to us in guises that reflect our perception of the god himself, and of everything else. If we expect the worst from the Wanderer, and the cosmos, we will get it. If we expect the best, and are even brave enough to help sing it into being, then as Galdor, the Wanderer may have a magical song to teach us. Keep Holding That Frequency.

Every corrupt politician and dictator and corporate thief is likewise exposed for what they are; even the Emperor stands before us naked and disgraced, though he still plays the virtual game to the hilt out there in RealWorld. He seems to relish his current avatar, though he plans to trade it in for a new one next year. Will it be the tough New York gangster this time, or the high society dame with a minor blemish on her reputation?

In this new kingdom of the heart there is a listening to the greater body in the same way as is needed in the home body, the bloodheart-beating self with its hidden messages and unheard meanings, which after a long period of abuse and neglect will volcano into sudden dominance over the landscape. Tornado, tsunami, cancer, carpal tunnel, divorce.

On the other side, of course, is the promise of new love: of spring ever returning. There is a hopeful side intrinsic to the equation of nature, balanced truly if not so simply as light and dark, yin and yang. Is there even really such a thing as black and white, absolute dark and light? The healing is gradual, recovery long-term.

The holistic reality of the situation is that the Internet – to briefly return to the present worship of that golden calf (to borrow a phrase used to describe the crisis of transformation from the Age of Taurus to the Age of Pisces, in the time of Moses: you can look it up) – is now rapidly approaching the status of a complete brain-library of human knowledge. From this step we are already poised on the brink of the next step, the yearning growth of world-brain to world-mind, fulfilling the prophecy of the Akashic Records which are said to contain all the thoughts and actions of everyone forever.

Tielhard de Chardin had the idea; now the idea’s time has come, even on the heels of the first necessary step. The interesting thing about the quantum leap that is about to take place is that so far, progress, though steep, has been essentially predictable: more text digitalized and offered online, wider bandwidth and vaster storage. It’s just that, as Carlos Gattegno put it (circa 1979, the time of my last Saturn return before next year’s) there is horizontal evolution and then there is vertical evolution, to a whole new level, a whole new territory, a whole new playing field and indeed, a whole new ballgame. It’s the Mayan home field advantage now, when time goes out the window like every other thought and you settle into the bleachers to watch the Lords of the Universe taking their exercise.

It’s the same kind of shift that happened when primate brains became so knowledgable that strange new things altogether started to happen: language, tools, agriculture, art. Warring was older; it just got bigger and badder with new technologies of metallurgy and propaganda. So while individuals worldwide developed a shared capacity to think and plan and converse and reflect (you could say the same of the whales and dolphins, or perhaps even the turtles and ants and cedars in their own way and wisdom), the patterns of the past persisted and expanded as well.

Now the Internet represents a jumping-off point from this heap of evolutionary progress, with its myriad expansions and transformations, as the wider world has been refined into its virtual essence, distilled into at least a rough, and in some cases a startlingly clear, self-portrait. The Internet gives us, in visual and auditory senses as well as the even more virtual literary sense, a representation of the world of matter and energy, and thoughts and events, and things and actions ... everything we are able to perceive and communicate.

Each sense is a filter. A present sense (in this reading/writing, that would mean sight, along with inner senses of translation and imagination) is a relatively transparent filter, giving us our experience as direct as we can manage in its respective form or terms; and a missing sense (in this case hearing, touch, taste, smell) is a filter of exclusion and limitation.

It’s too bad that the Internet version of experience is missing those most primitive but most powerful filters of experience, the senses of touch, taste and smell. But maybe it’s necessary to remind ourselves that there is then something imbalanced about even the utopian possibilities of “global heart, mind, spirit.” Those higher-chakra concepts are just that, platitudes, words and gratifying chocolates of upwardly mobile delusion, unless they are balanced with the “lower” members of the sensory clan, touch, taste, and smell. These too are only words when presented in this format, which is to say that there is a necessarily humility that must go into the enterprise no matter how lofty and grandiose. It’s still just dots on a screen, or digital blips of sound.

Then again, I’m tempted to say, so is everything in the universe, if you choose to look at it that way.

But either vision, words or particles, lacks the beauty of the waves in between, that take form in our oceans, our trees, our flowers and winds and migrating wildlife. So we come ... even in the promise of a golden age of pure thought or thoughtlessness, words giving way to silent illumination, and crabbed time dissolving in the seafoam of limitless space ... to the being that speaks such thoughts, the social organism that produces the wizardry to grok us there. The trick is that once we’ve truly grokked, going all the way to the digital extreme of universally accessible knowledge in an instant (Google anything: it’s like, “Think it and it will come”), we can leave the GoogleGrok time machine behind and fall unencumbered into the space machine – but will it be in Earth or Heaven?

That is, will we still be alive to enjoy it with the old sensory apparatus intact? Maybe it doesn’t matter. In the meantime it seems only proper for us to at least allow each other the opportunity to so enjoy if we choose. This principle will be deemed either self-evidently primary, or subversive and naive, depending on one’s role in the old chimp’s power game. As an outlier I can only contribute to the buzz exposing the out-and-out liars, until we all come to that understanding of where we are and what we need to do.

From that place we might begin to understand where the dolphins and whales have gone and where they might take us on this journey – provided they and we are still around in five years’ time.

--Nowick Gray

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