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        Abiding alone in a secret place,

Without craving and without possessions,
He shall take his seat upon a firm seat,
Neither over-high nor over-low,
And with the working of the mind
And of the senses held in check,
With body, head and neck maintained
In perfect equipoise,
Looking not round about him,
So let him meditate, and
Thereby reach the peace of the abyss:
And the likeness of one such,
Who knows the boundless joy that
Lies beyond the senses and is
Grasped by intuition,
And who swerves not from truth,
Is that of a lamp
In a windless place

That does not flicker.

--inspired by the Bhagavad Gita, via Ananda K. Commaraswamy in The Dance of Shiva (NY: Noonday, 1957), p. 60


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