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The Usual Suspects
A complex action-mystery like Reservoir Dogs, in which a gang of criminals is enmeshed in the greater plans of a supposed arch-villain. This one bears watching twice!

The Talented Mr. Ripley
Many twists and turns to this slide of one poor man into private hell. The tension comes up and takes you by surprise, after your sympathy has been lulled. How far will his talents take him? In the end, we may suppose, not much farther.

The Firm
...Grisham's thriller is carried out here to perfection.

Thelma and Louise
...What happens to two women--to a society--when rape is condoned or overlooked? An irreversible drive to violence and freedom.

Dolores Claiborne
...Stephen King makes good as a master dramatist, with a domestic tale all too real, with madness and "murder" all too plausible.

Carlito's Way
...A Pacino masterpiece: a true tragic hero in the modern mode--well-intentioned but doomed by karmic circumstance

Smilla's Sense of Snow
...Riveting thriller set in Denmark and Greenland, about a beautiful yet cold woman of Greenlandic descent, a murdered Inuit boy, and a covered-up mining discovery that threatens to spread death in exchange for fame and fortune. The bad scientist gets it in the end, of course.

The Postman Always Rings Twice (original version)
...Tamer than the remake, with enough difference to make them both interesting enough to see. James Garfield is even likeable here, and Lana Turner more understandable than the Jessica Lange portrayal. Nick the Greek is almost charming.

Undercover Blues
...An entertaining family-espionage comedy

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
...The Seventies obligatory blood-climax rides again; a precursor to the growing trend of humor in any subject.

Reservoir Dogs
...If you liked Pulp Fiction, you’ll love Resevoir Dogs. Tarantino shines with offbeat dialogue, perfectly meshed character and plot, and gripping suspense. If you can stand some gore (and this will test you) you will be rewarded with a fine work of art.

...Classic cops and robbers featuring DeNiro vs. Pacino. The plot fills out nicely with the overlapping subplots of the principal characters and the principal women in their lives.

...A wrenching study of abuse and revenge, artfully plotted and presented.

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