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The Arts

The Coltrane Legacy
Excellent and inspiring retrospective of the great jazz innovator, with color commentary from bandmates (Elvin Jones, McCoy Tyner) and stirring performances from 1959-64 (in classic studio black-and-white). Includes Eric Dolphy, Jimmy Garrison.

Wonder Boys
Michael Douglas stars in this entertaining tale of a blocked writer whose life unravels during one cascading weekend of compounding misadventures.

Finding Forrester
Sean Connery stars as crusty old Scottish writer in NY who meets an aspiring black teen writer; their meeting changes both their lives for the better.

Tap Dogs
Industrial circus dance rhythm live, ropes pipes and miked floors that come apart or turn to sampled drum pads, these begin like Shirley Temple but end up even beyond Stomp Out Loud.

Stomp Out Loud
Smash Off-Broadway percussion show takes to the streets with brooms, basketballs, bungie cords, sewer pipes, kitchen knives, playing cards...anything that will make a rhythmic texture. In one joyful hour this group will make you aware of the rhythm pervasive in every act of our living.


Swimming to Cambodia
An entertaining public reading performance by the actor/author of the acclaimed novel, as he tells tales of his travels in Cambodia. Part of his experience involved a minor part in the film "The Killing Fields," so some footage and sound track is used to highlight the reading. Gray's range is impressive, from the atrocities of the Pol Pot era to the personal foibles of a middle-aged Yank in what threatens, at any of a number of potentially "perfect moments," to become the Paradise he seeks so passionately.

Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle
...An artful story of the depressing life of the famous Hollywood writer, Dorothy Parker.

Straight, No Chaser
...Documentary of the life and work of Thelonius Monk, the great and groundbreaking jazz pianist. He was unique, driven, obsessed, filled with genius. He lived for music, and music alone.

Hearts of Darkness
...Documentary goes behind the scenes of Apocalypse Now. Impossible budget and logistical and cast problems…kind of like the war itself: everyone went kind of crazy.

The Doors
...Portrays the rise and fall of the rock god Morrison exceptionally well under the direction of Oliver Stone, with Val Kilmer as Jim.

Dead Poets Society
...Robin Williams stars in this moving confrontation of conformity at a boys’ prep school, and the poetic impulse for freedom, individual expression and live group bonding. A tragic end, but that is the nature of poetry in a world captive by the gods of "realism."

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