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The Best Videos of the Century

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Do the Right Thing
Spike Lee directs and stars in moving, funny story of Brooklyn black neighborhood in summer, addressing the ghosts of King and Malcolm with depth and richness.

Latcho Drom
...A wonderful film about gypsies and their music. Not so much a documentary, or travelogue, as a heart-full journey with a band of gypsies over the route of their historic wanderings as a people, from India and North Africa through Europe from east to west. The music is top-quality, and expresses the inner quality of life kept alive in this resilient people.

... Fellini's surrealistic remake of the classic drama: memorably freakish characters and scenes of Nero's Rome and its archetypal landscapes.

Citizen Kane
... Touted as the greatest film ever, it's a classic view of the rise and fall of human ambition. Even the greatest in power and wealth cannot escape the needs of the inner child.

Wild Strawberries
...A Bergman classic, every shot a masterpiece, right to the ending as humanly satisfying as it is unHollywood. Good for us to see these lessons of old age before it’s too late…

The Secret of Roan Inish
...magical depiction of Irish myth and lifestyle, captivating for all ages.

Cape Fear--with Robert DeNiro
...hold your breath for two hours. This outhitchcocks Hitchcock for pure suspense.

At Play in the Fields of the Lord
...a perfect novel, even better than the excellent film

Tropic of Cancer
...If there was ever a case of a movie falling short of a book, this is it. A drab sequence of sexual episodes and begging money off friends, punctuated by an occasionaly inspiring section of prose read from the real thing. Buy the book instead.

Big Night
...Charming and unique, this tale of a small Italian restaurant on the brink of bankruptcy shines right to its slice-of-life end.

The Scarlet Letter
...Hollywood reinvents the classic Hawthorne tale, and if I remember him correctly, this version is decidedly more positive in the end—after a progression from dark to darker still. The Indian raid as deus-ex-machina almost undercuts it, however. Still, I like this upbeat trend in nineties movies. We’ve had enough tragedy of every sort, so that even when we revisit it, it benefits our soul to see a more freeing outcome. Otherwise, why bother?

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