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Out There

Alternative, sci-fi, weird, wacky, or otherwise offbeat selections

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Out There

The Event
TV Series review.

... In mainstream political discourse and reporting today, the very word "conspiracy" has been co-opted by the official narrative. The term itself simply denotes planning in secret. What we can well imagine, though it is not revealed, is degraded to the status of fantasy. A plausible explanation, if it doesn't match the party line, is by default considered not fact but "theory." Yet conspiracy is the bread and butter of this series. With what intent?...

Fascinating closeup footage of tiny animals (insects, snails, frogs, larvae, spiders) and plants going about their daily life: action, drama, comedy... You won't dream (or make love) the same after this.

Waking Life
Unique quasi-animated journey through one person's philosophical dilemma of the day: am I awake or dreaming? What is the difference anyway?

Vanilla Sky
Psychological intrigue doesn't get any deeper than this reality-twisting thriller with Tom Cruise.

The Others
The mother in the sprawling new house has a problem with her two children--or is it they who have a problem with her? Classic ghost-story tension drives a great small cast (led by Nicole Kidman) through a clever and original plot.

entertaining tale from Lucas studio complete with a cast of dwarves, a talking marsupial, and all the effects you expect from Star Wars and Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid
Steve Martin comedy spoofs detective thriller, features cameo appearance by Bogart and others.

Mystery Train
...Quirky and wonderful tales woven around Elvis theme in Memphis: a young Japanese couple, a stranded Italian tourist, an Englishman and a barber, two black hotel clerks.

The Game
...An intriguing thriller that will keep you guessing even when it's over. A high-level executive is given a birthday present by his brother, one he'll never forget. The Game is tailored to each person's psychological profile, their deepest karmic need. Just when you think it's twisted far enough, the next move comes crashing through.

The Stand
...four-reel Stephen King epic is 2-4 times to long, but still gripping with its archetypal, apocalyptic forces of good and evil, with common human characters drawn into tragedy, destiny, final conflict and triumph...

The City of Lost Children
...The European dark vision in full macabre weirdness. Steal the children's dreams and what have you got?--human monsters…

Four Rooms
...Wild wacky Tarantino romp through a bellboy's highest and lowest fantasies made real.

...Good exterior view of what it's like to do too much, trying to wear too many hats. Technology may have the answer. Then again, maybe not…

Lawnmower Man
...Faust meets Frankenstein meets Flowers for Algernon, Steven King style. Stunning virtual reality sequences. The extremes of human potential and civilized savagery meet. Who wins? One of those great open endings…leading to Lawnmower Man 2, next on my list.

Babe: Pig in the City
...If you like monkeys in clothes, see it. Talking dogs, singing cats…the animation for the moving mouths is astonishing. Great voice-casting.

Men in Black
...pure Spielberg camp humor and laughable, awesome effects. Great for escaping.

...Unique, documentary footage and soundtrack, depicting resonant aspects of human and natural life throughout the planet. From jungle to city, monkey to robot, prison to monastery, we see the face of humanity in its utmost possibilities. A must-see!

Awakening to Zero Point--The Collective Initiation
...a video demonstrating cosmic and personal change

...Would you woo an earth librarian
make it your last salvo
leadership comes from within
Remain open to the message
we are not alone

Ground Hog Day
...I saw it, what, two, three times? Or was it a dream. A light premise, perhaps: waking up to repeat one’s day, day after day: but the importance of the message grows on you. Especially for those who entertain belief in reincarnation, or who fall prey to nasty patterns in relationship.

...The movie is almost as good as the Michael Crichton book by the same name, in presenting this theme of utmost importance: we create our own reality, for better or worse.

Altered States
...Were all movies from the seventies (even 1980) hokey and primitive-looking? This one has some pretty good light shows, but a hokey premise (man turned literally into beast via genetic intervention by hallucinogenic mushrooms).

The Philadelphia Experiment
...a failed experiement in turning a fascinating coverup into a familiar sci-fi script, complete with cardboard romance as its centerpiece.

Back to the Future
...A thoroughly entertaining time-machine story for all ages: 1985-1955.

Back to the Future 2
...Into the future this time we go, but keep those keys away from Bif!

Back to the Future 3
...Concludes the trilogy…for now. This time the jump is to 1885.

Alien Resurrection
...The imagery was compelling, the sets awe-inspiring, the technical wizardry polished, and the plot rather lacking in science while heavy on the fiction.


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